Updated: Sep 22, 2020

How does classic extension differ from volume extension?

The fact is that volumetric extension involves attaching several artificial eyelashes to a native hair at once. So, you can do building up in 2D, 3D in Hollywood volume. Such volumes are more suitable for photo shoots, stage performances, festive events, important events, and in the daytime in ordinary life they look a little less organic than the classic build-up. However, it is worth saying that everything is individual, and in order to choose the amount of build-up, you need to look at the initial data of each specific girl.

Types of classic extensions

  • 1The length: short - up to 7-8 mm, medium - 9-12 mm, long - 13-14 mm and very long - more than 15 mm. Of course, it all depends on the girl's eyes and lashes. But most often, clients choose medium-length eyelashes.

  • The thickness of the eyelashes are also different. An important point is that it is not recommended to make artificial eyelashes thicker than natural eyelashes. The fact is that if you make thicker lash than the "native" ones during the extension, this will make the look more closed and heavy. On average, the thickness of the eyelashes with a classic extension varies from 0.15 mm to 0.2 mm.

  • Eyelashes differ by the type of curl. There are such options for bends: B, C, D.

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