What are the advantages of eyelash extension procedure?

Convenience. What can be more beautiful than waking up with ready-made makeup, not wasting time and energy on it early in the morning. In addition, no weather will spoil your mood or make-up. Well, isn't it happiness?;

Elegance and beauty. A couple of hours in a comfortable chair of a lash master, and your eyelashes are in perfect order and on a marathon for a whole month. You can not think about anything, enjoy life and not doubt yourself for a minute;

Lack of difficulties with leaving. No special procedures, long-term care programs are required;

Without pain. Extension is an absolutely painless procedure for which, unlike going to the dentist, you do not need to mentally prepare;

It is not advised to use waterproof mascara on extended eyelashes, and you should also remove oil-based products from your daily cosmetic rituals - all this will reduce the life of your artificial eyelashes.

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