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5 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

We often hear things about eyelash extensions that give us chills. And we decided to break five common myths about Eyelash Extensions. Keep on reading. Maybe the reason that is stopping you from your perfect lashes is on the list!

1. Eyelash Extensions Are Uncomfortable And Irritate Your Eyes.

That is the case only if you visit a not-professional lash technician that does not use quality materials. At iBeauty Code, this is not the case. We use the best materials and tools available in the industry. And our Senior Lash Gurus are certified and trained in the best European Lash Schools. We guarantee you the Highest Quality Service at our studio.

2. Eyelash Extensions Destroy Natural Lashes

Again that is only the case when you get them done with a not Highly Trained Professional who is not trained in the latest techniques and uses heavy lashes. And one of the most critical things is Do Not Remove Your Lashes By Yourself. If you decide to take a break from your Lash Extensions, you can book a removal service at iBeauty Code ($30), and we will remove them for you to ensure your lashes are healthy and safe.

3. All Eyelashes Look Fake and Not Natural

There are plenty of Eyelash Extensions to suit every client’s needs and desired style. If you want them to look very Natural, we have a Classic Set that will look very natural or Foxy Eye that will make your corners fuller for that playful look.

4. You Can Use Mascara With Eyelash Extensions

The whole reason you get your Eyelash Extensions is to forget about the mascara application! Your lashes will look their best when you wake up, so enjoy that extra sleep!

5. You Can’t Wash Eyelash Extensions, or They Will Fall Out

This is the biggest mistake that you can make. You can, and you need to wash the eyelash extensions every day!

We guarantee you the Highest Quality Service at our studio. You will be in love with your new lashes and will come back for more. Don’t wait; book your appointment today.