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Eyelash Lamination in Toronto

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Eyelash Lamination in Toronto

Welcome to the enchanting world of lash lamination at iBEAUTY CODE, where the simple flutter of your lashes can capture the attention of any room. Here, we celebrate the transformative power of beauty treatments, meticulously designed to enhance the natural splendor of your eyes. Our promise? To elevate your lashes from ordinary to extraordinary, with a lash lift that liberates you from the daily dance with mascara wands and the precarious balance of false lashes.

Envision a morning routine where your eyes are already adorned with the perfect curl and lift, where every glance is imbued with the magic of permanent lash curling, yet without the commitment of extensions. This is the allure of lash lamination—a beauty secret that’s not just about the look, but the lifestyle of effortless elegance it affords. Dive into a world where your beauty and time are treasured, and let iBEAUTY CODE unveil the full potential of your lashes.

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Understanding Lash Lamination

Lash lamination, often interchanged with terms like lash lift or eyelash perm, is more than just a trend; it’s a revolutionary technique that redefines your lash line, offering a semi-permanent lift and curl akin to the effects of a lash curling tool but lasting far longer. Think of it as a keratin treatment for your lashes, where each strand is given the VIP treatment, enveloped in nourishing formulas containing hyaluronic acid and vitamins for healthier, plumper eyelash extensions.

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iBEAUTY CODE has something exciting for you!

Each beauty service is tailored to elevate your natural elegance and crafted with the utmost care by our experienced professionals, ensuring you leave feeling confident and looking effortlessly glamorous.


Our Work

You can explore the artistry of our skilled technicians on our Instagram page.

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Our Work

You can explore the artistry of our skilled technicians on our Instagram page.

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The Difference Between Lash Lamination and Lash Lift

Lash lamination and lash lift may share a familial bond in the beauty lexicon, each crafted to bestow a similar mesmerizing effect upon your lashes, yet they diverge with distinct nuances. The lash lift is a beloved quick-fix, sculpting your lashes into a beautiful curl. In contrast, lash lamination is the more comprehensive cousin, offering not only a curl but a tint as well, and often paired with lash botox or lash serum — a potent rejuvenating treatment that delves deep into the hair cuticles. This holistic method is a testament to the iBEAUTY CODE’s commitment to elegance and quality, aiming to enhance both the visual allure and the intrinsic health of your lashes. The result? A luxurious thickness and a resilience that showcases the art of lash enhancement at its finest. The Keratin Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Combo provides a similar effect on hair perms, setting your hairs in place, but instead of chemicals, it uses the most gentle and natural formulas.

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The Process of Lash Lamination

Preparation and
Patch Test

Begin with a patch test to check for any allergic reactions. Once cleared, the lashes are meticulously cleansed and prepared for the treatment.

Selecting and Applying
the Curling Rod

A curling rod, chosen to complement the natural lash line, is applied. Each lash is carefully positioned on the rod using a premium lash lift adhesive, ensuring a custom curl that enhances the individual's unique beauty.

Applying the Perming

The perming solution is carefully applied to the lashes. This key step reshapes the lashes, giving them a permanent curl that adds allure and charm to the eyes.

Fixing and Optional

A fixing solution is applied to set the curl, ensuring its longevity. Optionally, a lash tint can be applied for added depth and definition.

Cleaning and Revealing the
Final Look

The process concludes with the removal of the curling rod and a thorough cleaning of the lashes, revealing the transformed, lusciously curled lashes, ready to enhance the individual's natural beauty.

The Benefits of Lash Lamination

Enhanced Appearance and Vivacious Look

Lash lamination enhances the overall appearance of your lashes, providing a wide-eyed, vibrant look that emulates the freshness of a well-rested appearance, daily.


The treatment offers long-lasting results, maintaining the perfect curl and lift throughout the natural lash growth cycle, seamlessly blending beauty and convenience.

Volume and Lift Without
Daily Tools

It adds a new dimension of volume and lift to your lashes, allowing you to skip the daily use of lash curlers and mascara, thus saving time while keeping your eyes as a natural focal point of beauty.

Nourishment and

The use of a collagen conditioning serum during the treatment nourishes and strengthens the lashes, promoting healthier lashes and brows.

Simplified Beauty Routine
with Aftercare

Proper aftercare, including avoiding water and steam exposure and steering clear of oil-based products near the eyes, helps maintain the integrity and allure of the lash treatment, thereby simplifying your overall beauty routine.

Lash Lamination Aftercare

Aftercare is the silent guardian of your luscious lashes post-lamination. At iBEAUTY CODE, we curate a regimen of aftercare instructions with precision, ensuring that each client can maintain the integrity and allure of their lash treatment for the longest time possible. Key aftercare tips include a brief hiatus from water and steam exposure, crucial during the processing time immediately following your appointment. This allows the lash lift to set undisturbed, solidifying the curl and ensuring durability.

Additionally, we advise against the use of oil-based products around the eye area, as these can compromise the adhesive and perm solutions used during the lamination process. By adhering to these simple yet effective guidelines, your lashes will remain buoyant, healthy, and beautifully styled, simplifying your beauty routine while still showcasing the most stunning results of your lash treatment.

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Our Team

Our team of certified professionals boasts extensive training and experience in the beauty industry. Their passion and expertise are evident in every meticulous stroke and every satisfied smile of our clients.

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Why Clients Love Us

Deepika Batra
Deepika Batra
I had the best experience at iBeauty code while I got my eye lash extensions! The team is exceptionally skilled and professional. The lovely ladies were so generous and warm as I got my lashes done for the first time. I got a one-on-one consultation regarding the type of lashes that perfectly suit my eye shape and looked flawless! Totally in love with the overall vibe and aesthetics of the place. Highly recommend if you are looking for a cute, relaxing and comfortable spot in downtown Toronto for getting eye lash extensions, and brows. Can’t wait to visit again for the refill 🙂
Shirley Wagar
Shirley Wagar
Great atmosphere and the ladies are lovely! Victoria is a master at eyelash extensions. She works quickly, my lashes always look great, and the lash retention is the best I’ve ever had! Remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment; these lash experts are so good their appointment openings get booked fast!
Mary B
Mary B
My new fav spot! They did such an amazing job. I’m obsessed with my lashes. I’m really picky with how I like my lashes and they nailed it. Natural yet full. They were super professional and the vibe was so comforting! Definitely recommend
Katerina Polyako
Katerina Polyako
I’ve been getting lash extensions and brow lamination with Sally for the past few months. She does such a fantastic job every time! The salon is super cute and everyone is so friendly. Would definitely recommend!
Been getting my lash extensions here for the last couple weeks, Sally always does such a fantastic job and everyone here is so friendly. The studio is super clean and so beautifully decorated, I always look forward to my next appointment! If you want a more open eye look, I would suggest asking for the M curl lashes- it’s perfect for my fellow asian girls!
Victoria Mary
Victoria Mary
Just finished my appointment with Calista and all I have to say is that it was hands down the best lash treatment I’ve had in Toronto. Calista is extremely patient and knowledgeable in her work, with in depth understanding of the shape and design of the lashes, and what suited my features, taking extra time and effort to make sure that I was satisfied with the final look. The staff were all very friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend, and this salon has just became my new go-to 🙂
mursal Qh
mursal Qh
Stepping into the lash studio was like entering a realm of enchantment. The meticulous precision with which each lash was applied, coupled with the serene ambiance, transformed my ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. The lash technician’s skillful hands worked magic, enhancing my eyes in a way that felt both subtle and captivating. As I gazed into the mirror at the end of the session, I couldn’t help but marvel at the stunning result
Helia Ja
Helia Ja
I did my lash extensions here and I was absolutely happy with my girls work and the result. Nadia was so friendly and Victoria did my lashes professionally. This salon designed really cute and you will get bottle of water and candy . I’ll be back soon 😘💓

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelash lamination, also known as a lash lift or lifting, is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that transforms your natural eyelashes by giving them a curl and lift. It's often paired with a lash tint for added definition, similar to the effect of mascara, but without the daily hassle. This lash treatment, also referred to as LVL, allows you to skip the use of eyelash curlers and mascara in the morning, providing a beautiful natural look that opens up the eye.

A typical lash lamination appointment at iBEAUTY CODE is a simple procedure that can be completed in about an hour. The processing time may vary slightly depending on the thickness and length of your natural lashes.

Our lash lamination treatment is carefully formulated to protect your lashes. With nourishing ingredients like keratin and hyaluronic acid, we ensure your lashes remain healthy and strong throughout the lash growth cycle.

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before applying eye makeup to ensure the longevity of your lash lift. After this period, you can wear makeup as usual, though many find they need less mascara or none at all!

Following your lash treatment, it's important to adhere to the aftercare instructions provided by iBEAUTY CODE. This includes avoiding water and steam for the first 24 hours, not using oil-based products around your eyes, gently brushing your lashes daily with a clean spoolie, and waiting 24 hours before applying any lash lift treatment.

No, it is not necessary. At iBEAUTY CODE we prioritize your safety and recommend a patch test if you had allergy reactions in the past.

The beautiful results of lash lamination typically last 4-6 weeks, aligning with the natural lash cycle. We suggest scheduling maintenance appointments every 5-6 weeks to keep your lashes looking their best.