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Brow Shaping & Tinting in Toronto

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A transformation awaits that goes beyond mere beauty services – it’s the art of perfecting brows. At iBEAUTY CODE, we believe that impeccably shaped and tinted eyebrows are not just an aesthetic choice; they are a reflection of your personality and a boost to your confidence.

Our expert brow artists, equipped with precision tools and techniques, including brow mapping, waxing, and tweezing, are dedicated to crafting brows that accentuate your facial features and complement your entire look. Whether you desire the natural arch of a lightly filled-in brow or the bold statement of a well-defined shape, our team ensures your brow goals are met with perfection. Join us on a journey where each stroke of the brow brush is a step towards unveiling the best version of yourself.

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About Our Service

iBEAUTY CODE studio stands out with its specialized brow shaping and tinting services. Here, we don’t just see brows as another feature; we view them as a pivotal element that defines the harmony of your facial features. Utilizing techniques like precise brow mapping and gentle waxing, our experts customize each session to align with your unique face shape and skincare routine.

Our approach blends the art of brow shaping with the science of color theory, ensuring that every brow tint perfectly complements your skin tone and hair color. From subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations, our service is designed to elevate your entire look, making your eyes the focal point of your beauty. Join us at iBEAUTY CODE for a bespoke brow experience that transcends the ordinary.

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iBEAUTY CODE has something exciting for you!

Each beauty service is tailored to elevate your natural elegance and crafted with the utmost care by our experienced professionals, ensuring you leave feeling confident and looking effortlessly glamorous.


Our Work

You can explore the artistry of our skilled technicians on our Instagram page.

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Our Work

You can explore the artistry of our skilled technicians on our Instagram page.

Our Instagram



Nestled in the heart of Midtown Toronto, iBEAUTY CODE is more than just a beauty studio; it’s a sanctuary for those seeking a premium beauty experience. Founded by Nadia Iopel, our studio embodies her vision of blending top-tier beauty services with a serene and welcoming atmosphere. At iBEAUTY CODE, every detail is curated to ensure comfort and luxury, from the ambient setting to the advanced techniques used in our services. Our philosophy revolves around not just meeting, but exceeding client expectations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

This commitment has established iBEAUTY CODE as a beacon of quality and innovation in the beauty industry. Our clients come to us for the promise of exceptional care and leave with results that beautifully enhance their natural features, making us a revered destination for those seeking the pinnacle of beauty services.

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Brow Shaping Process

Our brow shaping process is a meticulous blend of art and precision, designed to enhance your natural beauty with every step:

Personalized Consultation

Your journey to perfect brows begins with a personalized consultation. Here, we discuss your preferences, assess your facial features, and consider your overall aesthetic goals. This step ensures that the brow shape we craft perfectly complements your face shape and enhances your natural beauty.

Expert Brow Mapping

Utilizing advanced brow mapping techniques, we carefully plot the ideal shape for your brows. This involves precise measurements and an understanding of symmetry to ensure that both brows are harmonious and suit your face.

Choosing the Right Technique

Depending on your individual needs, we select the most suitable shaping technique. Whether it’s waxing for a clean, sharp look, or tweezing for fine adjustments, our experts are skilled in various methods to achieve the perfect arch and definition.

Shaping and Defining

With gentle and skilled hands, our experts shape your brows, paying close attention to every stray hair and ensuring each brow is sculpted to perfection. This step is all about precision and attention to detail, ensuring your brows enhance your facial features and express your personal style.

Final Touches and Review

After the shaping is complete, we review the results with you, making any necessary adjustments. We also offer advice on filling in your brows with the right brow pencil, powder, or gel to maintain the look at home.

Brow Tinting Technique

Our brow tinting technique is an intricate process, tailored to enhance the natural beauty of your brows:

Color Matching

The first step is an expert color match. Our specialists consider your skin tone and hair color to select a tint that harmoniously blends with your natural coloring. This ensures a seamless and natural-looking enhancement.

Application of High-Quality Tints

We use only premium, skin-safe tints. The application is done with meticulous care to evenly coat each brow hair, ensuring consistent color and depth.

Setting and Perfecting

The tint is allowed to set for the right amount of time to achieve the desired shade. Afterward, any excess is gently removed, revealing brows that are fuller and more defined.

Complementing Brow Shaping

Our tinting service complements the brow shaping, adding richness and fullness. The result is a complete brow look that enhances your facial features and adds a polished finish to your entire appearance.

Aftercare Advice

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your shaped and tinted brows, iBEAUTY CODE provides comprehensive aftercare advice:

Product Recommendations

We suggest specific products tailored to maintain the tint and shape of your brows. These might include gentle cleansers, brow gels, and conditioners that help prolong the tint's vibrancy and keep the hairs in place.

Avoiding Harsh Treatments

We advise against exposing your brows to harsh treatments or excessive moisture immediately after the service to ensure the tint sets properly.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your brows looking their best, we recommend scheduling regular follow-up appointments. These sessions allow us to touch up the shape and color, ensuring your brows remain impeccable.

Home Care Tips

We also provide tips on how to use brow pencils or powders at home for minor touch-ups, ensuring you can maintain a polished look between appointments.

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Why Choose Us

At iBEAUTY CODE, excellence in brow shaping and tinting is not just a promise, it’s a standard. Our team, under the leadership of Nadia Iopel, brings a wealth of international expertise to Toronto. Each professional is handpicked for their exceptional skills in lash and brow artistry, honed through extensive training and certifications in Europe. We prioritize the use of high-quality, safe products, ensuring that every brow transformation is both stunning and health-conscious.

Our approach goes beyond mere technique; it’s about understanding the individuality of each client. This attention to detail and personalized care is what sets us apart, turning every brow session into a bespoke beauty experience. Our clients trust us not just for our precision and skill, but for the transformative impact we have on their overall look and confidence.

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Our Team

Our team of certified professionals boasts extensive training and experience in the beauty industry. Their passion and expertise are evident in every meticulous stroke and every satisfied smile of our clients.

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Why Clients Love Us

Deepika Batra
Deepika Batra
I had the best experience at iBeauty code while I got my eye lash extensions! The team is exceptionally skilled and professional. The lovely ladies were so generous and warm as I got my lashes done for the first time. I got a one-on-one consultation regarding the type of lashes that perfectly suit my eye shape and looked flawless! Totally in love with the overall vibe and aesthetics of the place. Highly recommend if you are looking for a cute, relaxing and comfortable spot in downtown Toronto for getting eye lash extensions, and brows. Can’t wait to visit again for the refill 🙂
Shirley Wagar
Shirley Wagar
Great atmosphere and the ladies are lovely! Victoria is a master at eyelash extensions. She works quickly, my lashes always look great, and the lash retention is the best I’ve ever had! Remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment; these lash experts are so good their appointment openings get booked fast!
Mary B
Mary B
My new fav spot! They did such an amazing job. I’m obsessed with my lashes. I’m really picky with how I like my lashes and they nailed it. Natural yet full. They were super professional and the vibe was so comforting! Definitely recommend
Katerina Polyako
Katerina Polyako
I’ve been getting lash extensions and brow lamination with Sally for the past few months. She does such a fantastic job every time! The salon is super cute and everyone is so friendly. Would definitely recommend!
Been getting my lash extensions here for the last couple weeks, Sally always does such a fantastic job and everyone here is so friendly. The studio is super clean and so beautifully decorated, I always look forward to my next appointment! If you want a more open eye look, I would suggest asking for the M curl lashes- it’s perfect for my fellow asian girls!
Victoria Mary
Victoria Mary
Just finished my appointment with Calista and all I have to say is that it was hands down the best lash treatment I’ve had in Toronto. Calista is extremely patient and knowledgeable in her work, with in depth understanding of the shape and design of the lashes, and what suited my features, taking extra time and effort to make sure that I was satisfied with the final look. The staff were all very friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend, and this salon has just became my new go-to 🙂
mursal Qh
mursal Qh
Stepping into the lash studio was like entering a realm of enchantment. The meticulous precision with which each lash was applied, coupled with the serene ambiance, transformed my ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. The lash technician’s skillful hands worked magic, enhancing my eyes in a way that felt both subtle and captivating. As I gazed into the mirror at the end of the session, I couldn’t help but marvel at the stunning result
Helia Ja
Helia Ja
I did my lash extensions here and I was absolutely happy with my girls work and the result. Nadia was so friendly and Victoria did my lashes professionally. This salon designed really cute and you will get bottle of water and candy . I’ll be back soon 😘💓


Our brow shaping techniques, including waxing and tweezing, are performed with utmost care to minimize discomfort. Most clients find the process quite tolerable, and our skilled artists ensure a gentle yet effective treatment.

The longevity of a brow tint varies depending on factors like skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. Typically, our high-quality tints last between 3 to 6 weeks, after which a touch-up may be needed to maintain the color's depth and vibrancy.

Absolutely! During the consultation, we discuss your desired brow shape and style. Our experts use brow mapping to create a shape that complements your facial features, and we welcome any specific requests or inspirations you might have.

We recommend avoiding excessive moisture and harsh facial treatments around the brow area for a short period after the service. Using recommended brow gels or conditioners can also help maintain the shape and tint. We'll provide a tailored aftercare plan during your appointment.