Goodbye mascara, hello lash extensions!


Have you ever wanted to have your eyes look bigger or more defined? Did you want to correct the shape of your lashes? Longer, fuller and darker lashes make your eyes pop. All this has now become possible with iBeauty Code! Forget about that messy mascara application every morning. Now you can wake up knowing that your lashes are at their fullest each and every time. Professional eyelash extensions application is the service that helps you get the look of your eyes that you have been always dreaming about.

Eyelash extensions are semi-matt synthetic hairs also called fake mink lashes, that are bonded directly onto your natural eyelashes. Each natural lash is isolated before the extension is applied. If applied properly by certified experienced technician it is an absolutely harmless, safe and fantastic experience! Our multi-certified eyelash extensions technicians are so experienced and caring that most of our clients fall asleep during the appointment!


In order for you to enjoy the application process and every moment after, at iBeauty Code we adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and we only use the best quality materials and equipment available on market. Yes, it is expensive but the health and wellbeing of our beautiful clients is our number one priority!

There is a wide variety of lengths (from 6 to 15 mm), curls (B, C, D & L) and thicknesses (0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1) that allows us to design a custom set of lashes that best suits each client. We offer many styles that include and not limited to: Foxy Eye, Natural, Wet Effect, Doll Eye, Dramatic Look, Cat Eye, Open Eye, Wispy Look and more! If you are not sure which one will work better for you, our eyelash extensions technician will help you chose the best set based on your eye shape, natural lash qualities and your own preferences. You will not be disappointed!


We specialize in all types of eyelash extensions including Classic, Light Volume, Volume and Mega Volume  (Russian Volume). Eyelash extensions done by our iBeauty Code studio normally last up to 5 weeks. A refill is recommended every 2-4 weeks to keep that fresh look and fulness. 


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     iBeauty  Code  has  something  exciting  for you!

We offer brand new lash extension techniques called 'Wet effect', 'Foxy eye' and 'Natural' - make sure to check them out at the bottom of this page.

Classic Eyelash Extensions, iBeauty Code


Classic (Unlimited Lash Count).

Individual eyelash extension is applied to a single natural lash. Ideal for those looking for the most natural result. Mascara style.

If it's your first time getting eyelash extensions, we highly recommend you go with the Classic Eyelash Extensions set.

$125 Regular Price

$99 First Time Clients Promo

Mini Refill    $80
Maxi Refill    $97

Russian Volume or Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions, iBeauty Code


Mega Volume, 7 - 16D

Have you tried it all and still want fuller, bigger and longer? This is exactly what you need! It is top in the industry, iBeauty Code's signature Mega Volume set that makes everyone else jealous! Try it and you will be stunned!

The biggest and fullest volume set. Suitable for those who have strong natural lashes.

$205 Regular Price

$170 First Time Clients Promo

Mini   Refill      $135
Maxi   Refill     $160

Light Volume lash extensions, iBeauty Code

Light Volume

Volume Full Set, 2-3D
This is our clients' favourite set. It allows you to achieve the most expressive natural look and makes your eyes pop. This set adds some fullness to your natural lashes.

Light Volume Full Set the most popular set.
Suitable for everyone.

$155 Regular Price

$115 First Time Clients Promo

Mini    Refill    $95
Maxi   Refill     $115

Bottom Lashes, iBeauty Code


Bottom Eyelash Extensions

It is a set of extensions of lower eyelashes that gives a stunning look to your eyes. It is best applied together with Volume or Mega Boom set. Perfect for specials events and graduation.

Bottom lash extensions can last for up to 2 weeks (14 days).

$55 Regular Price

No   Refills

Volume eyelash extensions, iBeauty Code


Volume Full Set, 4-6D
 This technique helps to achieve an expressive look without wasting your time on daily makeup. Four to six lashes are applied to individual natural lash.

Try it now and you will not be disappointed!

Suitable for most people.

$175 Regular Price

$140 First Time Clients Promo

Mini    Refill    $115
Maxi   Refill     $135

Lash extensions removal at iBeauty Code


Professional eyelash removal

It is performed by trained technician using a special certified solution which breaks down the glue and does not damage your natural lashes.



Please note that if eyelash extensions are not done by iBeauty Code, the price for eyelash extensions removal may be higher than $25.

$30 and Up

Removal  is required if lashes are 1month old



Natural style of lash extensions, iBeauty Code


Classic Corners Extensions
Similar to Classic Eyelash Extensions when only the outer conners are filled with faux lashes. It is ideal for those looking to highlight their eyes.

Perfect for girls who love natural look. 

Lasts up to 2 weeks.

Wet Effect style of Eyelash Extensions, iBeauty Code

Wet Effect

Foxy Eye style of lash extensions, iBeauty Code

Foxy Eye

It is a Volume Full Set done with the use of unique technique. Many girls choose this set because of its special magical chick look.

Book today and check it out yourself! Be on trend!

Newest trend of 2020!

Suitable for everyone.

Volume Corners Extensions
This is what creates that sexy look everyone is trying to get! Come and try it as well!

$155 Regular Price

$115 First Time Clients Promo

Mini    Refill    $95
Maxi   Refill     $115

$85 Regular Price

No   Refills

Lasts up 3 weeks.

$95 Regular Price

No   Refills


Mini Refill
- up to 3 weeks (must come within 21 days from your previous appointment with us)

Maxi Refill - up to 1 month (see below for details)*
More than 1 month - Removal and a New Set**
*To qualify for the Maxi Refill, you must book your appointment exactly within a month from your previous appointment with us. For example, if your last appointment was on May 17th, to qualify for the Maxi Refill you have to come before or on June 17th. Anything past June 17th is considered a Removal (if needed) and a New Set.
**Due to your natural lash cycle and constant lash growth, it is impossible to do a refill on lash extensions that are more than 1 month old. Thus, a Removal (if needed) and a New Set of Lash Extensions of your choice is required. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this policy.
*** We do not do Refills on lashes done at other studios. Please book for a Removal and a New Set of Eyelash Extensions if you would like to try our services. Kindly note, that PROMO prices are available to all new clients.
Please book accordingly.