All you need are brows!

Do you want to feel more attractive, saving yourself from a hassle of daily eyebrow care and makeup routine? Guess what, it is now possible with Ombre Powder Brows by iBeauty Code! 

Also known as Powdered Brows or just Micro-shading, this Semi-Permanent Makeup application technique creates a unique shadow-like look of your eyebrows, making them more defined and yet still natural. 


This micro-pigmentation technique is completely safe while the final results are highly predictable with professional modelling and application. Our multi-certified and highly experienced Permanent Makeup technicians will create your perfectly looking brows in just a blink of an eye. Simply wake up and look gorgeous every single day without the use of any mascara!

Our certified professionals will walk you through the whole process step by step, helping you select your perfect colour, shape, thickness and so much more, you name it!


Why wait? Reach out to us today so you can sleep in extra 15 minutes tomorrow!

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We are looking forward to seeing you at our studio that is conveniently located near Eglinton Station at Midtown Toronto. We create brows, the best powdered brows on the market!

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Being the least traumatic and highly regarded service in Europe and Asia these days, Powder Brows procedure has already gained the love of thousands of women all around the world!

Ombre Powder Brows by iBeauty Code

Ombre Powder Brows
PROMO Price $450, Regular $600

The above price includes after-care kit and anesthesia based on a lidocaine that completely eliminates the pain. If you have allergy reaction to lidocaine please let us know as there are other options available.
Please note: after the the first session the colour of the brows will fade by approximately 40-60% which is absolutely normal and that is why we have a second touch up session within 4-8 weeks. The price for this touch up is $100 per session. If needed and desired you can come for more than one touch up session 4-8 weeks apart between each.
The touch up session is required in 95% cases.
At iBeauty Code we always create naturally looking brows, by using the gradient and shadow effects to create that perfect look you always dreamed about!

You may wonder how long does the Semi-Permanent Ombré Brows last until you need a touch up. It all depends. On average it is 1-2 years and the colour completely shades out within 3-4 years after the last appointment. Most of the younger clients come every 12 months to refresh the colour and define the shape. The time between touch ups depends on multiple factors:

  • client's age, the younger the skin the faster the colour shades out;

  • skin type, oily skin dissolves the colour faster;

  • sun and tanning, because of the sunlight the colour looses its intensity and the ink fades, always use sun protection cream on brows when tanning;

  • scrubs and peeling, the more you do it on a brow area the faster ink fades out.

Touch - Up

(1-2 years)

Touch Up of Ombre Brows by iBeauty Code
Touch Up of Ombre Brows by iBeauty Code

1 Year Touch Up

Annual touch up of Ombré Powder Brows. Initial work or last touch up must have been performed by iBeauty Code within the past 9 to15 months.

$250 CAD

2 Years Touch Up

2 years touch up for Ombré Powder Brows. Initial work or last touch up must have been performed by iBeauty Code within the past 16 to 24 months.

$350 CAD

The service is performed using a special machine that is very similar to a tattoo machine but is specifically designed for Semi-Permanent Makeup. It has just enough power to break the upper layer of the skin without going too deep. This helps to deliver the colour pigments to the proper depth level of the skin so your brows look natural and the colour shades evenly over the years. This is not the same as a permanent tattoo that you may have seen on some girls who had very dark brows initially that became bluish, redish or greenish later. That was done using the wrong techniques and equipment when ink was delivered to the lower layers of the skin and the blood circulation changed the colours significantly. This is what you do not want to happen! Please always check the previous work results of any beauty studios to avoid bad experience.

At iBeauty Code we only use the highest quality materials, all tools and equipment are sterilized between each and every client. All materials that touch the skin, such as needles, gloves, ink cups etc. are one-time-use materials and disposed of after each client. At our studio we use the best in the industry needles and machine that cost thousands of dollars and we are ready to have such high expenses because your health, beauty and wellbeing is our number one priority.

There are so many possible options of shades, shapes, thickness and types of Powdered Brows that it is possible to get confused. Our technician will always make a proper modelling of your future brows, will discuss the colour and intensity, will go over the process and only when you are happy with what you see, only after you confirm that you like the shape, only then our technician will start the application process.

And the best part is that Ombre Powder Brows suit absolutely everyone and the procedure does not have any age restrictions. Visit our studio to discus your new brows!