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Should you extend your eyelashes on vacation?

Eyelash extensions are an excellent option for summer time and vacation time at sea. Wherever we spend our long-awaited vacation: in the village with our grandmother or on distant overseas shores, we always strive to be well-groomed and attractive. Undoubtedly, cosmetics help us with this, but now there is an alternative to daily makeup – professional eyelash extensions. It will allow you to take a break from the daily application of decorative cosmetics, and then the subsequent removal of makeup.

Summer vacation by the sea is a little fairy tale. Women and girls want to be princesses. Beautiful eyelashes and expressive eyes, day and night. Many people wonder if it is possible to extend eyelashes before the trip.

On the one hand, the procedure will give a vivid image, on the other hand, there are risks. We will consider the disadvantages and advantages further, let’s talk about the possible consequences.

Should you extend your eyelashes on a trip to the sea? The most popular vacation eyelash extension effect is the Wet Effect. Wet effect is a unique extension technology in which one natural eyelash has one artificial eyelash or a bundle consisting of two or more lashes. The service life of Wet Effect eyelash extension is building depends on client characteristics. All natural lashes fall out. New ones grow in their place. On average, the period of lash lasts is 3-4 weeks. Approximately this period of eyelash extension should be guided. Then you need to go to the correction. However, each person is unique, only by experience can he find out how long your eyelashes last.

Advantages of the technique:

  • Natural effect

  • Highlights the beauty

  • No need for daily make-up

  • Beautiful eyelashes night and day

  • Long lasting effect

  • Large selection of lengths and volumes

  • Individual approach

  • Ease of care

  • Accentuated look

  • Femininity.

Such eyelash extensions look spectacular, creating a visual imitation of wet eyelashes, as if you were swimming in water and came out with slightly wet eyelashes.