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Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Are you considering getting Permanent Makeup but unsure if the procedure is safe? Let's talk about the safety of this procedure and whether there is anything to be concerned about.

Permanent makeup is a revolutionary cosmetic technic that involves inserting natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

Interest in the Permanent Makeup Industry rises rapidly every year, generating questions about the procedure. The most important one: Is Permanent Makeup Safe? The answer is Yes! If Permanent Makeup is done by a qualified, trusted professional, it is safe for your skin and health. This cosmetic procedure will enhance your natural features and give you that self-confidence for your everyday routine. Imagine this: you wake up, you already have makeup on, go to the gym, go to work, go out with your friends to the bar, get home after your long day, and … you still have makeup on in place! It sounds like a dream, but girls, it's real. And you can have that dream when you get your Permanent Makeup Done!

How to ensure you will get a safe procedure and excellent results? Follow these easy steps.

  1. Find an Experienced and Qualified Permanent Makeup Artist. As the industry grows, more and more specialists are popping up that operate with the needle without a decent knowledge base. And we know what we are talking about because we have had clients coming to us to have their Old Permanent Makeup Covered or Fixed. Sometimes a reasonable price means something other than good service. So if you don't want to get results that will not satisfy you and don't want to pay twice, find an excellent professional. iBEAUTY CODE is the best place to get permanent makeup in Toronto. We have the highest standards for safety and health measures at our studio. We sanitize all the surfaces after every client and use disposable gloves when working with clients. And we use only top-industry single-use materials (needles, pigments, pigment cups, gloves, cotton swabs, pads, etc.) Our specialists are highly skilled and multiply certified in Europe and North America. We've built a brand you can trust.